Macan Development is an estate agent and real estate investor in the heart of Brussels.

It was founded by Philippe Gillion and Rachid Chami - two men passionate about building, with two complementary personalities and a common goal: to become a reliable partner in innovative construction projects and to leave a positive impact on the urban landscape.

Following its foundation in 2013, the brand-new firm quickly built up its initial property portfolio, while its reputation as a quality provider grew at an equally rapid rate. It covers a vast territory starting in the very heart of the European capital and extending as far as North Africa.


The Macan Group specialises in residential and office buildings, and handles the many tasks required in the real estate life cycle:

  1. Project support (administrative management)
  2. Acquisition, development and revaluation of urban spaces
  3. Sale and promotion

Thanks to a wide range of skills, it is able to ensure the complete and efficient follow-up of all projects.


The Macan Development team is passionate, thorough and respectful of both the human and natural environment.

It consists of experts at all the right levels to ensure large-scale real estate projects are brought to a successful conclusion. Their knowledge of the market and experience in building technology allows them to carry out high quality and ambitious projects.

L’équipe de Macan

Our Team

  • Philippe Gillion

    Managing Director
  • Rachid Chami

  • Olivier Hasquin

    Responsible Project Manager
  • Ann Ghiesmans

    Office Manager
  • Carlos Rodriguez Campo

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