Les Saules — Nursing home

Project Type: Residential & nursing home

Status — In Progress. Les Saules is both a nursing and residential home with enough space to accommodate 120 elderly people as well as a specialised unit for patients with Alzheimer’s.



The home forms part of a global project, which also includes the planned construction of individual residential houses and apartment blocks as well as a shopping area some 500 m2 in size. More info on Les Saules - Housing

Les Saules combines nature with a modern look, offering welcoming green spaces in a fully regenerated urban area. Communal gardens on the rooftops, an urban river, a private road inside, shops, and much more - all these elements combined provide this new neighbourhood with its own urban residential area, where residents live together in a friendly environment.

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  • Project Manager:
    Macan Development
  • Architect:
    DDS & Partners
  • Engineer: