Project Type: Offices

Status — In Progress. The Tweed is a large, comfortable and well-lit office building with 12 floors. A welcoming, green atrium on the ground floor exudes an atmosphere that promotes both work and relaxation, while the mezzanine on the first floor leads to a number of spacious offices on 8 levels.


  • Vue intérieure de l’atrium verdoyant du Tweed - Macan Development
  • Vue sur le Palais de Justice de Bruxelles à partir de la terrasse du Tweed - Macan Development
  • Façade du Tweed - Macan Development
  • Vue extérieure du pignon du Tweed - Macan Development


Nestled on the roof, there is a large 260 m2 terrace with a breathtaking view of the city and patches of green that give the building a nice, refreshing touch.

The Tweed is situated in an ideal location, in the heart of the judicial district and within walking distance of the capital’s most popular hotels and boulevards. The building is surrounded by the Sablon district, famous for its antique shops, art galleries and various restaurants, so office workers can easily mix business with pleasure. The Egmont Palace adds a further touch of greenery to the area.

Informations techniques

  • Surface Area

    20 527m2
    1 ground floor with atrium,
    1 mezzanine,
    11 floors and 4 terraces,
    (1 of 260m2)

  • Technical Information

    Passive offices,
    BREEAM certification,
    Green roof covering comprising photovoltaic
    equipment; rainwater harvesting in a tank
    and storm water basin


  • Project Manager:
    Macan Development
  • Architect:
  • Engineer: